Caractere Introduces A Complete Styling Package For Audi A1 Ramspeed

Caractere automobile is a well-known Belgian brand which designs and sells car accessories for Volkswagon, Audi etc. With an esteemed designer and owner such as Alain Hurard backing the developing and marketing the Caractere products, you can be rest assured your car is in favorable hands. Caractere has just introduced for the Audi A1 2010 a complete styling package which comprises of CW1 wheel rims, an additional power unit and much more. Below is the complete description of what is included.

The body kit includes a dashing front spoiler, a rear spoiler, side vents and rear hatch spoiler. Combined…they make up for an awesome visual appeal and aerodynamics arrangement. The spoilers give the very best in reducing air flow to the belly of the car thereby increasing its handling ability and providing it overall stability. All of the body kit components are made from very high-quality polyurethane ensuring the best quality fitting and product.

The Caractere CW1 wheel rim is made up of very high-quality light alloy and is available in numerous sizes. For A1(8×0): 8.0×18”. Not only does the CW1 wheel rim look great but they give the already brilliant looking Audi A1 more poise and elegance than ever.  The wheel rims are available in silver and graphite colors.

Every body kit designed at Caractere is made keeping in mind that it will be used to enhance the already existing appeal of the cars they have to be applied upon. This is an uphill task because the big brands’ cars that Caractere modifies are already projecting a very good visual and performance appeal. Yet, Caractere has managed to win hearts by their unique innovation and approach towards design and development of their products.

Looking for more upgrades for your Audi? You search stops here…

RamSpeed offers a full suite of standard Audi vehicle upgrades. From simple Caractere Wheel replacement and styling to a more striking Caractere body kit enhancements and engine power upgrades. RamSpeed increased power solutions include ECU remapping (flash tuning) as well as plug & play ECU power modules (piggy back computers) which work perfectly with throttle response management systems, particularly on sluggish diesel engines. Performance can also be enhanced with Caractere performance exhaust upgrades, which enhance your Audi A1 refined and sporty note. Your Audi’s already smart interior can also be transformed to reflect your individual touch of luxury and interior redesign.

Audi A1 Model  Upgrades for all of the above areas include:

  • Audi A1
  • Audi A1 Sportback

Please call RamSpeed on 02 96209958 to discuss your Audi A1, Caractere performance, and enhancement requirements or send us a message via the Contact page.

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