AC Schnitzer Superb Body Kit For BMW X5 E70 FALCON Series Ramspeed

AC Schnitzer for the accessories whiz that they are has just introduced AC Schnitzer Aerodynamic Body Kit for BMW X5 E70 FALCON. The pieces inside being brand new and totally primed for painting to match your car’s color. It’s just beautiful. The name AC Schnitzer is enough when it comes to compelling and extraordinary enhancements. This body kit constitutes of:

  • Front Bumper Spoiler

  • Set Of Four Fender Flares

  • Hood Vent Pair

  • Rear Bumper Apron

The body kit not only provides beauty to the SUV overall but also gives it a performance boost. The front bumper spoiler makes it more aerodynamic from front channeling air through. This reduces drag and increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Fender flares provided in the kit act as a robust extension to the BMW X5 E70 FALCON. They add unique style and block stones, mud and other surface items from damaging the main fender.

Easy to install the hood vent pair notably reduces the under hood temperature by 14 percent. It comes in ready-to-paint approach and structural integrity of the hood remains intact. Also, under hood insulation is retained as well.

And finally, the rear bumper Apron which simply looks good increasing the car’s aesthetics and looks.

This new body kit perfectly harmonizes with the existing accessory range from the Aachen-based tuner. In combination with the front skirt element with its spoiler corners and indicated drive-under protection, at first sight, it gives the SUV the supremely confident look of a seasoned fighter. With its strong contours in addition to the body kit, no car can stand in its competition it seems.

AC Schnitzer is one of the world-renowned BMW and Mini tuners. Ac Schnitzer is the only company offering warranty acceptable to BMW Germany and as such their upgrades do not detract from standard BMW Manufacturers Warranty.

Upgrades for theBMW X5 E70 FALCON are available for X5 F15, X5 E70, X5 M, X5 E53.

RamSpeed as AC Schnitzer Exclusive importer for Australia offers unparalleled upgrade vehicle warranty and customer service for all of you BMW M performance, enhancement and styling upgrade requirements.

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