Caractere Performs Wheels And Interior Upgrades For VW Passat RamSpeed

The Belgian manufacturer Caractere has provided a new package for the VW Passat consisting of a Carbon look interior, their signature CW1 wheel rims (silver/graphite) and an additional power unit. This package gives the Passat a daring look. Plus the souped up interiors give the Passat an enriched feel both utility and elegance wise. Let’s see now, Passat is not actually something that will appeal much to a speed hungry car enthusiast but will appeal to those who are looking for style, sophistication, comfort, space and class which is why these upgrades seem perfect for enhancing Passat’s underlying strengths.

As far as the wheels are concerned, the ones in the package are the Caractere CW1 wheel rim which is made up of high quality light alloy and is available in different sizes:

PASSAT ‘10: 8,0×18″, 8,5×19″.

Caractere designed an exclusive range of wheels, for Volkswagen cars, products which are characterized by high quality, modern styling and sporting elegance. The rims come in two colors, a mirror polished silver and a graphite matte polish.  The CW1’s not only give the car a touch of panache but adds to its style and class quotient as well. Caractere is known for not going overboard with mods but doing only what is essential for the vehicles appeal and performance.

The interiors are beefed up with a PASSAT (3A) ’11 –PACK with 10 parts which includes:

  • Speedometer contour
  • Right dashboard trim
  • Radio Contour
  • Left front door trim
  • A/C Contour
  • Right front door trim
  • Ashtray cover
  • Left rear door trim
  • Console
  • Right rear door trim

Caractere offers CARBON FIBER vinyl interiors specially developed for your car.

Searching for more upgrades for your Volkswagen? Your search stops here…

RamSpeed offers a full suite of standard Audi vehicle upgrades. From simple Caractere Wheel replacement and styling to a more striking Caractere body kit enhancements and engine power upgrades. RamSpeed increased power solutions include ECU remapping (flash tuning) as well as plug & play ECU power modules (piggyback computers) which work perfectly with throttle response management systems, particularly on sluggish diesel engines. Performance can also be enhanced with Caractere performance exhaust upgrades, which enhance your Volkswagen Passat refined and sporty note. Your Volkswagen’s already smart interior can also be transformed to reflect your individual touch of luxury and interior redesign.

Volkswagen Model Upgrade for all of the above areas includes:

  • Volkswagen Passat ‘10
  • Volkswagen Passat ‘06
  • Volkswagen Passat Variant‘06
  • Volkswagen Passat CC

Please call RamSpeed on 0296209958 to discuss your Volkswagen, Caractere performance, and enhancement requirements or send us a message via the Contact page.

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