Novitec Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta In A New Style RamSpeed

Novitec is a Stetten, Germany-based tuner which masters in redesigning Italian sports car. With its complete emphasis on performance and class, Novitec program for Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta has been extremely powerful and reliable engines.  It offers the best results to improve the brake, handling, acceleration for Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta. Here are the specs in detail:

Engine and performance 

Novitec is not only a brand worldwide, it aims to restore the safety, performance, and beauty of your luxury car Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta. With its excellence and brilliance for a 12-cylinder masterpiece, Novitec relies on Bi-Compressor technology to produce impressive performance and acceleration gains. Novitec offers various motor tuning upgrades that do not require Bi-Compressor to enhance the vehicle.

Have a look at other options in Novitec:

Novitec Race Bi-Compressor

It is designed with 2 supercharger and modified turbine-blades. It is also empowered with a separate oil circuit, modified induction tract, modified exhaust manifolds.

  • Performance: 653 KW (888 hp) 8.400 rpm
  • boost pressure: 0.45 bar
  • torque: 862 Nm/6.600 rpm
  • 0-100 km/h:2 sec

Novitec power optimized ECU’s

This one is a classic. It has an engine management software and fuel curves are changed the redline is increased to 8450 rpm. These features give the engine an ability to switch the exhaust flap regulation and finally makes its performance perfect on roads.

  • Performance: 509 Kw(692 HP) 8.450 rpm
  • torque: 641 Nm/rpm
  • Vmax: +5k/h


Wheels and Tires

No matter whether your car is good enough or not, its overall performance is directly ruled by the quality of its wheels and tires along with the grip they provide. Novitec follows this technique and creates the best possible adjustments for Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta.

Type NF4 


  • 10,0J x 21J for front axle
  • 12,0J x 22J for rear axle


  • 10,0J x 21J with 295/25 R21 for front axle
  • 12,0J x 22J with 335/25 R22 for rear axle


You can pump up your vehicle’s power and sound with the best performing exhaust systems developed by Novitec. The power optimized stainless-steel exhaust system comes in 3 options to give a wide range of choice for your luxury Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta:

  • Power optimized exhaust system with 2X90mm tailpipes left + right without flap-regulation.
  • Power optimized exhaust system with flap regulation.
  • Also, Power-optimized exhaust system optional with black tailpipes.


Your driving experience with Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta gets easy and comfortable with Novitec’s suspension system.

  • Aluminum Spacers
  • Hydraulic adjustment in combination with suspension springs
  • Titanium wheel bolts set

Personalized tuning accessories

If you want the best performing car parts and accessories for your luxury car, then you can discover a new look for your Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta with Novitec personalized tuning accessories. The options are available to further customize your car with:

  • Rear Lights Set
  • Side Indicators
  • 3rd Brake Light LED
  • Rear Fog Lamp LED
  • Reflectors

With so many options to choose from, Novitec gives a spectacular effect and customization to your Ferrari 599 GTO/Aperta.


The interiors designed for your luxury car are beyond imagination. A Novitec steering wheel Super sport is designed along with a complete interior leather kit.  The interiors are designed specifically to reflect your taste and style.

Looking for accessories to change your driving style? Call now!

Undoubtedly, Novitec Rosso as part of RamSpeed portfolio of specialist tuning companies is one of the foremost Ferrari experts with an amazing array of performance and styling accessories to match your most discerning performance and enhancement requirements. RamSpeed has performed many of the upgrades and supplied hundreds of Ferrari parts to customers in Australia and New Zealand.  From Twin Supercharged Ferrari F360 to simple enclosed vehicle transport of a precious Ferrari 458 Speciale, we have you covered.

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