VW Golf R32 MK V, ABT Supercharger Kit “Power R” – Installation by Ramspeed

Sharing with everyone JayC’s and Jig’s MKV R32 ABT Supercharged and installed in completeness back in Dec 24, 2009.

The first ever ABT Sportsline Water Cooled Supercharger Kit delivered to Australia for 2 x VW MKV R32 Customers based in Sydney. The ABT Sportsline Kit was delivered to Ramspeed Pty Ltd based in Seven Hills, NSW.

The Cars and their owners:

1) 2008 United Grey VW MKV R32 DSG 5 Door, Driver “JayC”
2) 2008 United Grey VW MKV R32 DSG 3 Door, Driver “Jig”

Core parts include Supercharger, Intercooler, DIA Cold Air Intake(BMC).

ABT supercharger for VW Golf R32 MK V.

ABT carbon fibre engine compartment cover.

The Installation begins. Removal of Cold Air Intake on the right and preliminary re-wiring.

Removal of the front bumper for easy access to the front when mounting the Intercooler and piping.

Installation of the Supercharger, MAF for the Cold Air Intake.


Detailed view of ABT supercharger installed on VW Golf R32 MK V.

Cold Air Intake situated below the engine compartment. DIA is made by BMC, same technology as the BMC CDA but without the Carbon Fibre Trimmings.

Front Mount Intercooler. Lots of room in the front behind the Bumper on the MKV R32.

Jason Chan’s car being delivered to Ramspeed’s Workshop in Seven Hills with the ABT Sportsline Kit fully installed and ready to hit the Sydney streets.

Soon after, Jig’s car also gets delivered to Ramspeed’s Workshop in Seven Hills, fully installed with the ABT Sportsline SC kit.

JasonChan’s and Jig’s car photo shoot inside Ramspeed’s Workshop.


The final product, ABT supercharged VW Golf R32 MK V.

Detailed view of ABT SportsLine supercharger on VW Golf R32 MK V.

2 ABT supercharged VW Golf R32 MK V side by side, all upgrades performed by Ramspeed Australia.

Full view of VW Golf R32 MK V engine bay with ABT supercharger kit installed.


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