You dream it – We Make It Happen

You dream it – we make it happen.
It is not only our motto but the definition of our daily work.
Our main speciality are full conversions of “standard” European cars into individual, high performance automobiles, enhanced and upgraded in close co-operation with you.

Based on your personal preferences, we introduce you to different upgrade options and together we build you the perfect car.
Our diversity in skills and thorough knowledge of the products allow us to deliver outstanding quality, perfect finish and 100% satisfaction of the final product.

We specialise in custom fitment of aerodynamic body kits, incl perfect colour match, through preparation of the products, eye for detail and finally the ideal fit, to make your car
look spectacular in all aspects.

Wheels play a big role in expressing your individual taste. We offer over various wheel designs to match your personality. From 18” up to 24” for SUV’s, the choice is yours.
Tyre packages incl fitment, balancing are part in our wheel offers.
If you like your current wheels, yet want to change the look by changing the colour – no problem. We custom paint stock wheels in all desirable colours incl matt black, gloss black and other colours.
All our wheels are TUV approved and arrive with German safety certificates ensuring you enjoy your ride in the long run without jeopardising safety of inferior import wheels.

To enhance the look of your new wheels and to improve handling of your car (by lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle), we offer lowering springs from our German partners as well as
coil over systems for customers who want to achieve the best handling of their cars on road and on race tracks.

All current cars on the road come with an very average engine set up. We enhance the power and performance of your car by upgrading the ECU (Electronic Computer Unit) with German
performance software creating a totally different driving feeling. The car feels much more powerful, the torque is truly pushing you in the seats and the best thing of the tuning is it DOES safe you fuel.
The German tunings are ECO optimised. The fuel is burned more efficient, hence you need less of it. The torque figure is significantly increased, allowing a faster up-shift and keeping the car out of high rpm’s – the area where the car uses the most fuel.
For the real motorsports enthusiasts and for those who chase maximum power, we offer turbo upgrades, supercharger conversions and special custom conversions.

An important part of the power package is a sound and performance optimised exhaust system. The stock exhausts are rather heavily restricted in their designs. Through our performance exhaust systems you will not only feel you are driving a Euroepan car but also hear it. The exhausts are never obtrusive, and you can choose how far you want to go with the upgrade: just the sports rear mufflers, or also centre exhaust or even sport cats and enlarged headers – the choice is yours.

If you have special request, wish to upgrade your interior or anything else – we will arrange for it with quality to match.

Once you are finally driving your dream car, we than take care of it as long as you are enjoying it. We service the car for you, and assist you with all questions and queries.

All work is performed in house in our RamSpeed Automotive performance shop.

“One stop shop” – where all your automotive dreams come true.

Call us today to discuss the options for your car: 1800 887 930



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