Carlsson Performance kit CK63 / CK63 S / CK63 RS


Carlsson Performance kit CK63 / CK63 S / CK63 RS

After an extensive research and development process and a series of complex tests the Carlsson engineers have now reached the maturity phase of 5 different performance kits for the 6.3L V8 engine.

Starting with the CK63, which increases the original output from 457hp (336kW) to 505hp (371kW), up to the stunning CK63RS performance kit that gives the car 600hp (441kW).

For any requirement Carlsson has got the right kit available.
This is achieved by a perfect interaction of the components in the Carlsson sport exhaust system such as sport manifolds, new catalytic converters, exhaust-gas center silencers, mufflers and a well-tested setup of the engine management system.

The Carlsson performance kit is finalized by a carbon engine cover and sport air filter inserts, which ensure a perfect ventilation of the aggregate.

for Example

Performance data CK63 RS

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