Lamborghini Superleggera

Lamborghini Superleggera

Had the pleasure to welcome one of thirteen Lamborghini Superleggera in Australia in our Sydney shop this weekend.

The Superleggera is a version of the Gallardo, dubbed the uper “super light”, The Lamborghini Gallardo doesn’t have a Superleggera style constructed body, only the name.
The engine’s improved intake, exhaust and ECU added 10 PS (7 kW; 10 hp) for a total of 530 PS (390 kW; 523 hp).

The Superleggera is lighter than the base Gallardo by 100 kg from 1,430 kg via the use of carbon fibre panels for the rear diffuser, under tray, the rear-view-mirror housings, the interior door panels, the central tunnel, engine cover; titanium wheel nuts, carbon fibre sports seats with Alcantara.

We make sure the Lamborghini gets the right Ramspeed treatment.

Enjoy the pictures.

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