Wiesmann Gallery

RAMSPEED Motors is importing the WIESMANN Sports Cars to Australia and New Zealand.

Please contact us for further information and pricing: 1800 887 930

RamSpeed’s Wiesmann sports car gallery, showing a few selection from the vast Wiesmann range.

Wiesmann sports cars in front of the Wiesmann factory in Germany.

Rear view of Wiesmann MF5 with rear wing and wheels in matt black.

Red Wiesmann GT MF4 with Wiesmann wheels in chrome silver.

Wiesmann MF5 in the showroom.

Wiesmann GT MF5 with wheels custom painted in black with red outer rim.

Detailed view of BMW engine in factory during manufacturing process.

Suspension system getting fitted on a brand new Wiesmann sports car.

Wiesmann factory in Germany showing cars getting worked on.

Detailed view of Wiesmann GT MF5 in the workshop getting worked on.

Red Wiesmann MF5 with rear wing, wheels and rear diffuser custom painted in black.

Complete custom interior, including steering wheels for Wiesmann sports cars.

Wiesmann interior with custom leather seats.

Detailed view of BMW V10 engine on a Wiesmann.

Wiesmann GT with wheels and front grill in black.

Wiesmann wheels in matte black on a Wiesmann GT.

Interior view of a Wiesmann with complete custom leather interior.

Wiesmann sports car getting tested on the track.

Detailed view of Wiesmann GT badge and logo.

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