ABT SportsLine – Volkswagen Tiguan

VW Tiguan (5N) – ABT SportsLine Aerodynamic Body Kit

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The “animal tamers” at ABT responsible for design and performance have certainly freed a caged tiger with the new top model from Wolfsburg: New body-kit components such as front spoiler, front grill, fender extensions, door-strip attachments, rear skirt and rear wing make it considerably more muscular and aggressive as compared with the basic version. The ABT Tiguan prowls the streets on 18- to 20-inch “paws” and there is evidence of its impressive strength – up to 200 hp – in the roar from its 4-pipe rear muffler. It is kept in check by the ABT suspension springs and the ABT adjustable sports suspension. But the only thing that can really tame it is the 345 x 30 millimeter ABT brake system.

ABT SportsLine Front Spoiler for Volkswagen Tiguan

ABT SportsLine Front Grille for Volkswagen Tiguan

ABT SportsLine Fender Extensions for Volkswagen Tiguan

ABT SportsLine Door Strip Attachments for Volkswagen Tiguan

ABT SportsLine Rear Skirt Set for Volkswagen Tiguan
– consisting of: ABT rear skirt and ABT 4-pipe rear muffler (4x76mm, chromed)

ABT SportsLine Rear Wing for Volkswagen Tiguan


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