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Garia just launched its latest version of high-end golf cars called the Garia Roadster (Garia Mansory Currus) which is designed in close collaboration with Mansory. The very limited edition car, whose production units will be only 7 in total available for sale comes with some lavish and luxurious options for both interior and exterior.

The interior constitutes of genuine leather seats and carbon fiber body among many other details. The custom seating options are very comfortable and provide the feel of sitting in a sports car. The interior finishing is premium and it never seems like you are sitting in a golf car at the end of the day. It comes with an adjustable setting provided for motor braking and battery regeneration while driving. The car has three separate modes for the type of driving that you would like to do, namely:

  • Golf
  • Street
  • Race

These modes have different acceleration and speed parameters. These settings are exclusive to Garia Mansory Currus. You will not see these on any other golf cars available out there right now.

Performance wise it is fitted with lithium batteries for an extended range of up to 60 km / 37 miles, and a speed package for increased speed of up to 60 km/h / 37 mph.

According to Mr. Anders Lynge, designer and creative director of GARIA “The Garia Roadster is really the closest you to get to a golf car version of your favorite luxury sports car. We were inspired by the sense of freedom and joy you get from riding a sports car and we wanted to translate that experience to the golf car”.

All-in-all, GARIA can be considered as the world’s exclusive luxury golf car which isn’t just a golf car anymore available in four persons, street legal and non-street legal models.

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