Range Rover V8 Arden Supercharger

After extensive development work and various tests, a supercharger is now available for the Range Rover V8. 101 kW and 120 Nm of torque can be achieved compared to the standard motors with a power increase of up to 138 hp. Arden has used a new compressor-drive consisting of alloy which is made in combination and specially matched to the motors auxiliary control unit. In conjunction with the Arden high-performance exhaust system with sport metal catalysts, the Performance Package takes its full force, the customer can still decide whether to have flap control. In addition to the improved response particularly represented by the instant power in all speed ranges, using the Arden compressor package which can support engine increases up to 650 hp on the performance of the Range Rover, while top speed increases to 260 km/h (sealed roads). The special feature here is that the Arden compressor kits are ready for easy installation. Therefore, they can be assembled from any Land Rover service agent or qualified workshop. because in the development, special emphasis was placed on an uncomplicated installation.


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