Mercedes A250 Front Strut Tower Brace

RamSpeed has just lauched a Mercedes A250 front strut tower brace to suit new A-Class Mercedes models including A250 Sport and the acclaimed A45 AMG.

We have worked closely with the manufacturer to design and develop perfectly fitting upper strut tower bars to enhance stiffness and handling of any new model A Class. Because you can never have too much chassis stiffness, our bracing solution maintains alignment angles and spring rates by substantially reducing body or chassis flex and in return, enhancing handling and control of the car while cornering. The upper front strut tower brace helps every component in the suspension system do its job. You can feel the improved handling through a better turn-in a much sharper steering response together with improved steering feedback. RamSpeed strut bars / strut brace / strut tower bars not only make your Mercedes A Class handle better they also look great on the car as they feature premium powder coated alloy on both the strut brace and the end brackets. The attachment points feature anodised caps and coated high tensile bolts. Easy fitment for non-mechanically minded and instant improvement in handling without the need for adjustment of suspension geometry to fit the new strut tower brace.

Currently in stock and priced at $395 incl GST + shipping for interstate customers.


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