Audi RS5 Supercharger Upgrade

RamSpeed has announced availability of a brand new Audi RS5 supercharger kit for the mighty 4.2 litre V8. The new G4 FSI supercharger system for the Audi RS5 FSI engine is constructed from cast aluminium with its custom laser designed manifold and an Eaton M90 supercharger. This positive displacement supercharger delivers immediate and seamless power delivery right throughout the entire range. Tuning industries best Eaton superchargers are used as OEM equipment on many European cars such as Mercedes Benz and Aston Martin. The entire system includes 98 RON ECU recalibrating and offers ultra smooth drivability, and seamless power delivery.

The new G4 system is the result of over 2 years of design and road testing using data logging software. Test vehicles have been tested under a wide variety of driving conditions ranging from “easy” daily driving to severe track conditions. The system has also been tested in a broad range of temperatures. Tests have also been conducted using dynamometers. This system comes with a one year, unlimited kilometer warranty. The entire system can be supplied and fitted for under $20,000 depending on chosen exhaust and intake system options. Speak to your performance consultants for further information.


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