Mercedes Benz SLS MEC Design Upgrades

MEC Design has a number of upgrades for the Mercedes SLS such as body kit components, performance exhaust systems, coilover suspension and a number of wheel options.

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Wheels-RamSpeed-1The MEC Design front bumper includes a mesh insert and optional LED lights.

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Front-Bumper-RamSpeed-2MEC Design also offer a front lip spoiler together with their front bumper. The lip spoiler comes in one or two pieces and a choice of a carbon fibre finish.

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Lip-Spoiler-RamSpeed-3The side skirts offered by MEC Design add to the SLS’s design and functionality. These side skirts also have an optional LED option.

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Side-Skirts-RamSpeed-4MEC Design has 4 difffuser options ranging from elegant to sporty. All available to paint or in a carbon fibre finish.

Below is the MEC Design Extreme diffuser

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Diffuser-RamSpeed-5The Formula diffuser hides the exhaust tip and is more suited for those who want less extreme styling.

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Rear-Bumper-RamSpeed-6One of the more striking and head turning diffusers is the GT3 option.

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Diffuser-RamSpeed-7The Black Series diffuser comes with the original AMG end pipes, for fans of the original AMG Black Series.

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Diffuser-RamSpeed-8Additional body kit upgrades include the roof spoiler, window spoiler or air scoop

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Rear-Spoiler-RamSpeed-9A number or exterior body kit components also have a carbon fibre option

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Carbon-RamSpeed-10MEC Design’s stainless steel exhaust sounds amazing and will surely send shivers down your spine

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Exhaust-RamSpeed-11For those who enjoy the original SLS AMG look, yet want the MEC Design exhaust, there is an adaptor pipe available

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Exhaust-RamSpeed-12Alternatively you can keep the original exhaust and use one of MEC Design’s amazing diffusers

Mercedes-Benz-SLS-MEC-Design-Exhaust-RamSpeed-13MEC Design also has a number or suspension options, including lift kits, coilovers and sport springs


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