Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith Bluerion Upgrade Programme RamSpeed

Mansory has been quite exclusive in their approach towards Rolls Royce Wraith Bluerion. To refine the Rolls Royce itself is an extreme challenge not to mention to enhance its appeal further is another challenge. Here’s how they got the deed done:

The two tone paint says volume about the Bluerion’s appeal such as it creates a sort of unique depth. The contrast produced enraptures a wandering eye. The front apron constitutes of separately integrated LED Daytime and running lights, we have side skirts and the front wings, rear and roof spoiler and the vehicle has a few accents all of its own.

Under the hood, the twelve-cylinder standard engine absence tuning from Mansory produces 632 PS (465 kW) and maximum torque of 800 Newton-meters. With Mansory’s tuning, the engine performance goes to a mind numbing 740 PS (544 kW) with a maximum torque of 1000Nm. The exhaust system being tuned right to the tail pipe results in such fine characteristic features of the car.

The wheels are an awesome, ultra-light forged alloy wheels with 22 inches in diameter and all wrapped up with in Vredestein ULTRAC VORTI R-tyres size 265/35/R22 on the front and 295/30/R22 on the rear axle. The suspension has been lowered to decent 40mm paired with a modified suspension module.

The interior constitutes of brilliant two color leather upholstery adjust well with the blue and black paint outside. Mansory has also provided world’s first “with the dashboard panels and door panels”, giving the surface a unique 3D structure by means of a new processing technique that they use.

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