BMW X5 AC Schnitzer Upgrades

For the new BMW X5, AC Schnitzer have done their work and given it a facelift with modifications to the power and performance.

AC Schnitzer are developing six different performance upgrades for the X5, such as the X5 M50d which provides 316 Kw and 430 Hp compared to the standard 280 Kw and 381 Hp. The X5 50i on the other hand delivers 386 Kw and 525 Hp compared to the standard 330 Kw and 450 Hp. These performance upgrades have been developed according to the principle of efficient performance which increases the power but keeps CO2 emissions constant.

The X5 upgraded by AC Schnitzer shows off its power and speed with a great sound to match due to the stainless steel silencer with two racing tailpipe trims. This system also optimises the exhaust gas flow.

The driving dynamics of the BMW are guaranteed with AC Schnitzer’s spring kit that lowers the front by 30mm and rear by 20mm. Type VIII forged racing wheels in 21 or 22″ are used for the big SUV, which are available in silver, black or bicolour. Alternatively Type V and IV wheels would also fit the X5.

The aerodynamic body kit components not only improve the aesthetics of the X5 but also the functionality. An example is the front skirt and rear skirt with the integrated rear diffuser, which improve the air flow in addition to highlighting aspects of the BMW X5. Interior upgrades by AC Schnitzer include aluminium pedals, keyholder and velour floormats.


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