Jaguar F Type 2013 Tuning

Powerful, agile and distinctive is how Jaguar describes its own new F-Type. This Jaguar is a true sports car, engineered for high performance driving with superbly responsive handling. This V8 model with a supercharged engine constructed from lightweight aluminium body for advanced driving capabilities which delivers unique experience.

Take a “Standard” F-Type, do some RamSpeed magic and what you get is a true predator. With more power, more sound and more performance, we rate this F Type right up the true drivers car.

– Enhanced exhaust note

– More power

– More responsiveness

– Better handling characteristics

– RamSpeed forged wheels available as an option


The Jaguar F Type before the tuning was completed

Jaguar-F-Type-Dyno-Power-S-Supercharged-After-Tune-Exhaust-RamSpeed-6  The engine bay of the Jaguar beast Jaguar-F-Type-Dyno-Power-S-Supercharged-After-Tune-Exhaust-RamSpeed-14

During the dyno run of the Jaguar F Type

Jaguar-F-Type-Dyno-Power-S-Supercharged-After-Tune-Exhaust-RamSpeed-2Dyno run results of the Jaguar

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