Novitec Complete Modification Program For Ferrari F12 Berlinetta RamSpeed

Novitec has recently released a complete modification program for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. They have installed a complete body kit made of high-grade carbon fiber which is ultra-light weight. The aerodynamic package has been thoroughly wind tunnel tested.

Aerodynamics: Providing the vehicle a dynamic appearance and more aggressive outlook, the aerodynamic components installed by Novitec speak for themselves. With a whole range of options to choose from, Novitec has a wide array of options for you to choose from.

  • Front spoiler lip
  • Front strut
  • Inset for engine bonnet
  • Side panels (set)
  • Cover taillights cover
  • Rear spoiler lip
  • Diffusor
  • Front spoiler lip attachment
  • Roof spoiler lip n-largo
  • Rear wing n-largo
  • Insert for engine bonnet n-largo
  • Air-intakes engine bonnet n-largo
  • Front grill
  • Front grill cover
  • Cover for brake ventilation
  • Cover for mirrors
  • Attachment for rear bumper
  • Cover for rear fog light
  • Diffusor fins
  • Diffusor center part & upper position

Engine and performance: Developing a great performance and power development is a specialty of Novitec and they always deliver than what is expected of them. Novitec provides for three options in engine upgrades providing you with the following benefits:

Novitec Power Stage 1:

  • performance: 574 kW (781 hp) at 8.600 rpm,
  • torque: 722 Nm at 6.400 rpm,
  • Vmax: + 5 km/h

Novitec Power Stage 2:

  • performance: 569 kW (774 hp) at 8.500 rpm
  • torque: 716 Nm at 6.300 rpm
  • Vmax: + 5 km/h

Novitec Power Stage 3:

  • performance: 564 kW (767 hp) at 8.450 rpm
  • torque: 708 Nm / 6.250 rpm
  • Vmax: + 5 km/h

Exhaust: With a powerful sound and built of high-quality materials used, the exhaust installed is the perfect fit. The custom steel pipes provide for a beastly and sporty look to the already radical looking Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Here are the options provided to choose from:

  • Power optimized exhaust system without flap-regulation
  • Power optimized exhaust system with flap regulation
  • Novitec tailpipes (set of 2) with new mesh insert to use with Novitec- and original exhaust.
  • Exhaust replacement pipe x-pipe system stainless steel
  • Cat-replacement pipe (2 pieces)
  • Sport metal catalysts
  • Novitec tectronic
  • Novitec switchtronic


Wheels and Tires: Maintaining good ground to tire contact with maximum touch on the road ensuring better friction and in turn better handling and stability with the new wheels. Made exclusively for the Ferrari, Novitec provides the following options:

Type NF4

Set wheels

9,5J x 21J with 255/30 R21 Pirelli for front axle

12,0J x 22J with 335/25 R22 Pirelli for rear axle

Aluminum wheel

9,5J x 21J for front axle

12,0J x 22J for rear axle

The wheels come in Silver, Black and Anthracite color and Novitec is open for providing any customize color options.

Type NF3

Set wheels

9,5J x 21J with 255/30 R21 Pirelli for front axle

12,0J x 22J with 335/25 R22 Pirelli for rear axle

Aluminum wheel

9,5J x 21J for front axle

12,0J x 22J for rear axle

These come in Star Silver and Star Black/Rim Lip Chrome color option. You can also customize it as per your taste.

Suspension: The suspension is smooth as silk with this one as Novitec offers a complete suspension system which is fully adjustable and can be tuned as per your need and requirement.

Here’s what Novitec has to offer when it comes to suspension:

  • Hydraulic adjustment in combination with suspension spring.
  • Sports spring set
  • Aluminum spacers

Interior: Using only the finest of materials and a huge range of colors and fabrics put at your disposal, rest assured you won’t have a difficult choice ahead of you zoning in on what you want.


  • Shift Lever F1 (Set)
  • Complete interior leather appointment kit


Personalized Tuning Accessories:  

With more personalization options than ever including lights with black lenses (custom made). Novitec has given some great options for the Ferrari F12:

  • Set of Taillights
  • Side Indicators
  • Black reflectors
  • Complete Paintwork

Looking forward towards accessorizing your ride? Accessorize now with Novitec.

Undoubtedly, Novitec Rosso as part of RamSpeed portfolio of specialist tuning companies is one of the foremost Ferrari experts with an amazing array of performance and styling accessories to match your most discerning performance and enhancement requirements. RamSpeed has performed many of the upgrades and supplied hundreds of Ferrari parts to customers in Australia and New Zealand.  From Twin Supercharged Ferrari F360 to simple enclosed vehicle transport of a precious Ferrari 458 Speciale, we have you covered.

Looking for something different? we offer the following Ferrari performance and Enhancement alternatives:

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta:

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Plug & Play ECU Power Modules & ECU Remaps from KraftWerk
  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Performance Exhaust for many German and Italian Specialists.
  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Brake Upgrades from MOVIT Germany
  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Custom Forged Wheels
  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Suspension Technology Upgrades from SpeedLine

Please call for your Ferrari F12 Berlinetta body, carbon, interior, wheels, exhaust or power requirements and we will advise you on all available options and installation service in your area.


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