Novitec Ferrari FF Gets a Complete New Makeover RamSpeed

Novitec, located in Stetten, Germany, is a tuner of Ferrari vehicles and specializes in refining Italian sports car. Supremely focused on performance orientation, Novitec program for Ferrari FF has been extremely powerful and reliable engines.  It aims to provide the best solutions to improve the brake, handling, acceleration for Ferrari FF. Here are the specs in detail:

Engine and performance

When it comes to performance and excellence, no other company can beat Novitec. It has created a name for itself globally. Gigantic and massive power development coupled with outstanding performance is the ultimate modification for a unique sports car FF for daily use. The in-house developed performance gains are the magical effects done by the NOVITEC program. The new adjusted electronic engine has modified curves and an advanced cut-off speed to 8.200 rpm.  All these key factors will certainly influence you and attract you towards FF which has a performance delivered, built and designed by NOVITEC.

Have a look at other options in NOVITEC Power Stage 1:


  • 516 KW (702 HP) at 8.200 rpm
  • 510 KW (694 HP) at 8.200 rpm
  • 506 KW (688 hp) at 8.200 rpm

Max. torque:

  • 714 Nm/6.200 rpm
  • 708 Nm/6.100 rpm
  • 701 Nm/6.100 rpm


  • +5 km/h


If you are looking for the highest quality sound elements and a perfect fit, then Novitec is a master in that.  The stainless-steel exhaust system without flap-regulation including tailpipes gives a complete classy and aggressive look to the car.

There are three types of exhaust options that you will get with Novitec:

  • Power optimized exhaust system without flap-regulation.
  • Power optimized exhaust system with flap regulation.
  • Also, available separately are the Novitec tailpipes (set of 2) with New Mesh insert.


Amazing shape and design of the individual aerodynamics are extensively wind tunnel tested and each part is designed keeping in mind the fundamentals of the vehicle. All the tests are conducted by a simulated velocity of 140km/h. All the tests are performed to produce a maximum aerodynamic performance. Here are the options provided by Novitec:

  • Front spoiler lip
  • Side panels (set)
  • Rear spoiler Lip
  • Roof spoiler Lip
  • Cover for Tail lights
  • Diffusor
  • Cover for Tail Lights
  • Front grill
  • Cover for mirrors
  • Attachment piece for rear valance


Wheels and Tires 

If smooth and hassle-free drive experience is your ultimate desire then Novitec has amazing ways to satisfy them. A perfect companion of the roads, the wheels and tire sizes are matched directly to each vehicle and each adjustment is made to maintain perfect grip and vehicle contact. These tires and wheels are made exclusively for Ferrari and Maserati only.

Type NF4

Set Wheels

  • 9,0J x 21J with 255/30 R21 Pirelli for front axle
  • 12,0J x 22J with 315/25 R21 Pirelli for rear axle

Aluminum Wheel

  • 9,0J x 21J for front axle
  • 12,0J x 22J for rear axle

They come in Silver, Black and Anthracite color, although customer has the option to request their own color as well.

Type NF3 (21J/21J)

Set Wheels

  • 9,0J x 21J with 255/30 R21 Pirelli for front axle
  • 11,0J x 21J with 295/25 R21 Pirelli for rear axle

Aluminum Wheel

  • 9,0J x 21J for front axle
  • 11,0J x 21J for rear axle

Customers can choose from wheel star, wheel-star black and wheel-star rim lip options.

Type NF3 Version 2

Set Wheels

  • 9,0J x 21J with 255/30 R21 Pirelli for front axle
  • 12,0J x 22J with 315/25 R22 Pirelli for rear axle

Aluminum Wheel

  • 9,0J x 21J for front axle
  • 12,0J x 22J for rear axle

These are available in wheel-star Silver, wheel-star Black and customer’s color options. Also, carbon coating for Rim is also available.


Novitec has a wide range of suspension and chassis solution which is customer-friendly and serves all your needs while driving. A spring kit is installed to reduce the height of the vehicle along with a fully adjustable suspension system to give you a comfortable and easy driving experience.

  • Aluminum Spacers
  • Titan Wheel Bolts set
  • A Sport Spring Set

Personalized tuning accessories

To make your driving more fun and special, you have the option to further customize your FF with:

  • Side Indicators
  • Set of Tail Lights
  • Paint work complete car
  • Fog Lights
  • Roof

With a huge range of possibilities available to choose from, the Novitec form and function program has given a breathtaking finishing and accessorizing to Ferrari FF.


The interiors are a complete combination of class and fashion. Each material used is of fine quality and assures to give you a fabulous experience inside.

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Undoubtedly, Novitec Rosso as part of RamSpeed portfolio of specialist tuning companies is one of the foremost Ferrari experts with an amazing array of performance and styling accessories to match your most discerning performance and enhancement requirements. RamSpeed has performed many of the upgrades and supplied hundreds of Ferrari parts to customers in Australia and New Zealand.  From Twin Supercharged Ferrari F360 to simple enclosed vehicle transport of a precious Ferrari 458 Speciale, we have you covered.

Looking for something different? We offer the following Ferrari performance and Enhancement alternatives:

Ferrari FF:

Please call for your Ferrari FF body, carbon, interior, wheels, exhaust or power requirements and we will advise you on all available options and installation service in your area.

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