Ferrari 458 Novitec Rosso Speciale Program

Novitec Rosso have released images and information about their new Ferrari 458 Speciale program. This upgrade includes carbon fibre components which were developed in the wind tunnel to give the 458 an amazing appearance.

The upgrade also includes a power increase up to 468 Kw and 636 Hp with a top speed of 330 km/hr. Together with the power upgrade is a performance exhaust made of Inconel which is used in Formula 1 racing and optimises power output and sound.

Finally the Ferrari features 21″ Novitec Rosso forged wheels and suspension to round off the package.

The front spoiler and blade upgrade the Ferrari stock bumper and minimises the negative lift on the front axle. This ensures additional directional stability at high speeds. The central air inlet and trunk lid upgrades also develop more of a racing look. Other upgrades Novitec has done are on the mirrors and door triangles. As seen on the side of the vehicle are Novitec’s rocker panels and carbon fibre for the rear side windows.

Reduction of negative lift on the rear axle is achieved with the Novitec rear wing and carbon fibre diffuser. Special air deflectors for the inlets were made to optimise the supply of cool air to the engine and oil coolers including the rear wing.

Additional carbon fibre to the vent grilles and fog lamp surrounds complete the race look of the Ferrari. Matching these carbon fibre upgrades are accessories such as black tail lights, signal repeaters and LED brake lights.

The 21″ Novitec Rosso NF4 forged wheels are developed for the sport models and contribute to the refined Ferrari 458 Speciale. The forging technique ensures the lightweight nature of the vehicle. Also contributing to the functionality of the car is the hydraulic suspension system that can be raised by 40mm or the sport springs which lower by 30mm for the Spider. Better handling is achieved with the Novitec sport stabiliser bars.

Novitec’s tuning upgrades boost the power to 468 Kw and 636 Hp with torque of 572 Nm. Top speed is increased to more than 330 km/hr. The high performance exhaust system helps to unleash more Hp and consists of two performance manifolds, sports catalysts and a rear muffler. Electronic sound management is optional which adjusts the sound from discreet to racing powerful. The exhaust has two matte black tailpipes with 100mm diameter and is made from Inconel which is used in Formula 1 racing. The result is a lightweight heat resistant exhaust system.

Interior is not left untouched with the various leather and alcantara options or carbon fibre.


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