Novitec Performance Enhancements For Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider RamSpeed

Novitec, the Bavarian tuner situated in Stetten specializes in Italian brands. Supremely focused on performance orientation which is to improve the brake, handling, acceleration they have introduced the maximum form and function program for Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider. Here are the specs in detail:

Engine and performance:

Novitec proves it spirit for designed whenever it refines a car well. No compromise on performance gains and power development, each model redesigned narrates a success story. The whole world defines the world of car refining with Novitec’s name.

Here are the options provided by Novitec:

Novitec Supersport Bi-Compressor: It has 2 superchargers along with modified turbine-blades. It also has a separate oil-circuit, modified induction tract, modified exhaust manifolds.

  • Performance: 446 KW (606 hp) 8.600 rpm
  • boost pressure: 0.61 bar
  • torque: 614 Nm/6.250 rpm
  • 0-100 km/h:7 sec

Novitec Sport Bi-Compressor: In this, there are 2 superchargers along with modified turbine-blades. It also has a modified induction tract complete heat insulated along with water cooled intercoolers.  Other features include v-ripped belts with dynamic belt-tensioners, injectors, carbon airlift housing for Coupe/Spider/Stradale.

  • Performance: 408 KW(555 HP) 8.100 rpm
  • boost pressure: 0.48 bar
  • torque: 562 Nm/6.250 rpm
  • Vmax: 335 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h:9 sec 

Wheels and Tires:

The wheels and tires by Novitec is designed for maximum contact with the road.  Each wheel is designed for a perfect fit and pressure tolerance. Novitec wheels are exclusively designed for Ferrari and Maserati only.

Type NF3: The wheel options for Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider are available in black, silver and customer’s colour option.  They are available in combination with Michelin Pilot CUP tyres 245/30 R20 + 315/25 R20.

Type NF2: In this, the wheels are offered in silver and black-matt finishing with optional color strip.

Type NF1 with central mounting system: This one is exclusively available in silver.


Novitec emphasizes on not only finding a design that enhances the aesthetics of the vehicle but also optimizes aerodynamics also. Each part of the Novitec aerodynamics program is tested not only individually but also with each other to assure the smooth working of the vehicle. Here are the options provided by Novitec:

  • Front spoiler
  • Front BUMPER SuperSport
  • Rear skirt
  • Rear Wing SuperSport
  • Skirts for side panels


Novitec exhaust systems are the perfect combination of fine quality materials, amazing sound and perfect fit. The tailpipes are customized to give your vehicle an aggressive and finished appearance.

  • The power optimized stainless-steel exhaust system with flap-regulation.
  • The power optimized stainless-steel exhaust system without flap-regulation.
  • High performance brake systems by BREMBO.


Novitec has designed the suspension of Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider to make your drive smooth and comfortable.

  • Aluminum Spacers
  • KW aluminum coil over suspension sport
  • Hydraulic adjustment in combination with suspension springs
  • Titanium wheel bolts set


The interiors are designed with finest materials and fabrics in a variety of colors. Some interesting interiors are:

  • Aluminum pedal set
  • Aluminum footrest
  • Steering wheel supersport
  • In-built instruments in various colors
  • Complete supersport leather kit

Personalized tuning accessories:  

You can customize and add different elements to your 360 Modena And Spider with:

  • Rear Lights set
  • Reflectors
  • Side indicators set
  • 3rd brake Light LED

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Undoubtedly, Novitec Rosso as part of RamSpeed portfolio of specialist tuning companies is one of the foremost Ferrari experts with an amazing array of performance and styling accessories to match your most discerning performance and enhancement requirements. RamSpeed has performed many of the upgrades and supplied hundreds of Ferrari parts to customers in Australia and New Zealand.  From Twin Supercharged Ferrari F360 to simple enclosed vehicle transport of a precious Ferrari 458 Speciale, we have you covered.

Looking for something different? We offer the following Ferrari performance and Enhancement alternatives:

Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider:

  • Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider Plug & Play ECU Power Modules & ECU Remaps from KraftWerk
  • Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider Performance Exhaust for many German and Italian Specialists.
  • Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider Brake Upgrades from MOVIT Germany
  • Ferrari 360 Modena And Spider Custom Forged Wheels

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