Carlsson Wheels Special Offer from RamSpeed

For a limited time and while stocks last, Carlsson Germany has offered a great deal on their range of Mercedes performance and enhancement wheels. Their 18″ wheels start at $2690 incl GST per set (usual RRP $5790). Please have a look at the various designs on offer and feel free to call us for more information on fitments for your specific model.

Carlsson-1-10-BE-RamSpeed-1Carlsson Wheel 1/10 BE

Part number 36180025P, 8,5×18″
Part number 36180045P, 9,5×18″
Part number 36190125P, 8,5×19″
Part number 36190145P, 9,5×19″
Part number 36200125P, 8,5×20″
Part number 36200165P, 10,5×20″

Carlsson-1-10-GE-RamSpeed-2Carlsson Wheel 1/10 GE

Part number 36190125GP, 8,5×19″
Part number 36190145GP, 9,5×19″

Carlsson-1-10-TE-RamSpeed-3Carlsson Wheel 1/10 TE

Part number 36180025TP, 8,5×18″
Part number 36180045TP, 9,5×18″
Part number 36190125TP, 8,5×19″
Part number 36190145TP, 9,5×19″
Part number 36200125TP, 8,5×20″
Part number 36200165TP, 10,5×20″

Carlsson-1-16-BE-RamSpeed-4Carlsson Wheel 1/16 BE

Part number 36184822P, 8,5×18″
Part number 36193852P, 8,5×19″
Part number 36193862P, 10×19″

CarlssonCarlsson Wheel 1/5 Revo

Part number 36201925P, 8,5×20″
Part number 36201965P, 10,5×20″

Carlsson-1-5-Evo-BE-RamSpeed-6Carlsson Wheel 1/5 Evo BE

Part number 362206550 P, 10×22″

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