Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster Novitec Program

Novitec Torado now has a range of upgrades for the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster. The visual upgrade includes a carbon fibre body kit and stylish custom 20″ or 21″ forged wheels which are suited to their coil over sports suspension.

The tuning upgrade offered by Novitec along with the performance exhaust acheive a power upgrade to 535 Kw, 728 Hp and torque of 709 Nm. The exhaust also features the active electronic sound management which makes the engine sound amazing with a push of a button. Novitec have not left the interior untouched, and have a number of options available ranging from carbon fibre panels to leather and alcantara seating. When developing the aerodynamic components, Novitec have extensively tested it in the wind tunnel to achieve aerodynamic efficiency such as reducing the negative lift on the front axle. The carbon fibre components of the body kit are available in matte or glossy finish.

The body kit includes a two piece front spoiler, central blade and new air intakes. The trunk lide has been redesigned with integrated air ducts and air extractors. Also part of the package are the rocker panels, carbon mirror housing, diffuser and rear wing. To ensure the engine bay is properly vented Novitec’s cantronic control unit raises it up below speeds of 180 km/hr.

The five double spokes in the N1 forged wheels fit the wheel arches perfectly and emphasize the Lamborghini’s visual appearance. Fitted to the wheels are Pirelli P Zero tyres which provide optimal traction.

Working together with KW Automotive, Novitec have developed the sports suspension for the Lamborghini. Also available are sport springs which can lower the vehicle by approx 30mm.

The stainless steel exhaust systems can also be purchased for vehicles without the engine tuning as well. Optional for the system is the active sound control and it includes lighter sport catalysts.

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