ABT SportsLine Enhancements And Modifications For VW Touareg I 2014 Model RamSpeed

The Bavarian company ABT SportsLine have come up with some fresh and innovative enhancements and modifications for the VW Touareg I 2014 Model. From aerodynamics to engine performance, everything is redone and enhanced on a grander scale. Care has been taken in regard to engine tuning and the exhaust for achieving more than optimum performance levels.  Here are the specs of what they have done:

Engine and performance: The engine has been boosted from the standard 4,2 TDI 250 kW (340 HP), 800 Nm to approx. to a skyrocketing 283 kW (385 HP), 880 Nm. We don’t have to really say it out loud the importance of proper functioning of an overclocked engine. ABT has made the engine enhancements such that the engine is not affected in the long run by it and have aimed for a stable build and performance.

Aerodynamics: The exterior sports an ABT Front grille in Chrome color including the ABT logo. Also included are the ABT Front Grille Add-On in black color headlamp covers, a dynamic looking rear wing and highlight of the whole aerodynamics package is the ABT-Rear Skirt Set.

Wheels: The wheels come in 22 and 20 inches’ variants – ABT – DR and ABT-ER-C in Mystic Black and Gun Metal/Diamond-Machined color respectively. The wheels installed boast of both good looks and optimum performance.

Exhaust: The exhaust of Touareg is armed at the back with an ABT – Rear Skirt Set sporting double-end pipes of round 90mm. The set is made up of PUR material and is lightweight plus durable exhaust system.

Suspension: When we think about a car, we think about what the car provides from the outside in, namely the ‘ride quality’. Superior ride quality depends upon suspension of the vehicle and ABT is providing ABT Suspension springs with varied load carrying and lowering capacities.

The suspension kit includes the ABT Level Control provides electronic lowering for vehicles to 30-40mm with air suspension system. Also included are the suspension springs for vehicles which are without the air suspension system.

Interior: The interior comprises of a lot of interesting things including a velour floor mat set, boot mat and integrated LED entrance lights.

Thinking about performance or visual enhancements for your VW?

As a focused Volkswagen / VW specialist performance and enhancement provider ABT SportsLine provides a wide array of tuning options for your VW Touareg. You as our potential customer, in partnership with RamSpeed, can create a very individual VW for your daily or weekend commute. Apart from many subtle enhancements, RamSpeed pioneered radical VW performance enhancements (some even RTA approved) all the way back in 2009 where RamSpeed, in partnership with ABT SportsLine Germany has delivered many ‘Australia First’ projects, including the well talked about and celebrated Supercharged VW Golf R32’s.

ABT SportsLine focuses on VAG cars only (Volkswagen, Audi Group) and as such, they have developed deep knowledge of the VW / Audi / Skoda brand and their customer expectations both here and overseas. Whether you are looking for even more safe and reliable power out of your Golf R or better fuel economy out of your Golf GTD, RamSpeed delivers.

Our wide portfolio of supporting brands and upgrade solutions extends to the following:

Engine Performance Enhancement and Power Delivery options (plug & play)

Sports forged alloy wheels

Suspension technology upgrades including shock lowered springs and coil over options

Sport Exhaust alternatives to boost sound and performance

Interior upgrades from Carbon to Steering wheel and exclusive leather treatments

If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, please check out our great VW, Audi and Skoda enhancement alternatives in both the in-house designs and quality European manufacturers. Our expertise in European vehicle performance and enhancement programs extends across all the VAG vehicles, including all VW / Volkswagen cars.

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  • VW Golf  – Power, ECU Remap, Plug & Play, Wheels, Exhaust etc
  • VW Beetle
  • VW Scirocco
  • VW Touran
  • VW Tiguan
  • VW Eos
  • VW Passat
  • VW Sharan
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