Hamann Tuning And Performance Package For The BMW M4 F82 RamSpeed

Hamann, one of the biggest brands in exclusive cars refinement just introduced a tuning and performance package for the BMW M4 F82. It constitutes of a full aerodynamics kit, superior wheels, Engine and exhaust system etc.

Aerodynamics: From the bonnet, which seems designed to portray lavishness to the carbon made rear wing at the back. To add to the pride of the front is the carbon fiber spoiler lip which provides for the additional downforce and stability to the car. The standard model seems to be left in the background after the aerodynamics makeover done by the Hamann team. The side skirts and the rear diffuser completes the aerodynamics.

  • Front Spoiler
  • Set Side Skirts
  • Rear End Panel 7-Pieced Inclusive 4 Fins In Clear Coated Carbon
  • Rear Wing 5 Pieced

Engine and performance: Under the hood, Hamann has done some serious modifications as well. Power has been advanced to 517Hp with torque jacked up at 700Nm. The standard version had bit turbo six cylinders producing 317kW (431Hp). Here are the options they are providing:

  • Hamann power advancement module by plugin system
  • Hamann power advancement module by plugin system
  • Electronic power advancement through optimized curve map incl. V/max remove
  • Electronic power advancement through optimized curve map incl. V/max remove

Exhaust: The exhaust sports tailpipes in different looks with carbon, chrome, matte silver and matte black options completing the performance package.

  • Set of tailpipes in carbon fiber each ø 90mm
  • Rear muffler 4-tailpipes chrome each ø 90mm
  • Rear muffler 4-tailpipes matt silver each ø 90mm
  • Rear muffler 4-tailpipes matt black each ø 90mm

Suspension: The suspension is top notch providing great ride quality. The spring bars bring the M4 down to 30mm. The anti-roll bars minimize the body roll. Hamann is providing following options:

  • Lowering kit
  • Sport stabilizer bars
  • Lowering kit for BMW m4 cabriolet f83s

Wheels and Tires: Provided are unique and latest in wheels options tested with high-performance tires

Options in Forged Wheels-

  • Edition race anodized (front “21 inches” rear “21 inches”)
  • Professional (front “21 inches” rear “21 inches”)
  • Unique forged formula (front “21 inches” rear “21 inches”)

Options in Monoblock Wheels-

  • Anniversary Evo silver (FRONT “20 INCH” REAR “20 INCH”)
  • Anniversary Evo black line (FRONT “20 INCH” REAR “20 INCH”)
  • Anniversary Evo silver (FRONT “21 INCH” REAR “21 INCH”)
  • Anniversary Evo black line (FRONT “21 INCH” REAR “21 INCH”)

Interior and Personalized Accessories: The interior is jacked up with a wide variety of options and looks lavish in appeal while at the same time adding to the functionality as well.

  • Pedals in silver anodized aluminum
  • Pedals in black anodized aluminum
  • Footrest in silver anodized aluminum
  • Footrest in black anodized aluminum
  • Led door entry illumination with Hamann logo
  • Exclusive floor mat set
  • Bonnet emblem
  • Trunk lid emblem
  • Aluminium pedals
  • Pedals for BMW in black anodized aluminum

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