Porsche Macan, 991 Turbo, GT3, Panamera and Carrera Performance by SpeedART

SpeedART have a new power module for the Porsche Macan Diesel which has power figures of 312 Hp and 711 Nm. A dyno of the module can be seen below, which is also avaialabel for the Cayenne and Panamera Porsche models.

This upgrade will achieve 310 Hp and 700 Nm.

SpeedART also have a power box module for the Porsche 991 Turbo/S which can achieve up to 620 Hp.

Porsche-911-Turbo-SpeedART-Power-Box-2Other upgrades include a sports exhaust system for the 991 GT3 to be used without side mufflers and include connecting pipes.

Porsche-911-GT3-SpeedART-Sport-Exhaust-3There is also a new active sound module and power box for the Porsche Panamera Diesel and 970 Diesel for both generations.

Porsche-Panamera-SpeedART-Sound-Module-4The Porsche 991 Carrera/S also produces a sporty and sonorous sound thanks to the SpeedART sport exhaust system with a sound switch.


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