AC Schnitzer Tuning Up For BMW F-26 X4 Series Ramspeed

Totally decimating their competition, AC Schnitzer has once again proved why they are so awesome at what they do. At the World Premiere of Auto Car Show in Zurich 2014, AC Schnitzer presented the athletic version of BMW F-26 X4 and the before and after result just looked amazing. Here are the specs:

Engine: Engine gave a solid performance boost from 216/294 (Schnitzer) from 180/245 (Standard) giving more power and better performance. Torque went from 350 to a massive 420Nm. The RPM meter exploded with 2500-3000 from the standard 1250-4800. And the diesel version is just as good: with performance upgrades to 220 hp (in preparation) for the 20d, 309 hp for the 30d and 360 hp for the 35d, the diesel variants perform brilliantly in the race and – like the petrol-engined versions – stand out thanks to the AC Schnitzer engine styling options.

Exhaust: Fitted with Original AC Schnitzer high-performance silencers made from stainless steel, a sonorous sound (cars with petrol engines) and a sporty appearance are always a scope of delivery. The improved dissipation of exhaust gases with the high-performance exhaust allows BMW F-26 X4 engine to work more efficiently and “breathe” properly. This, in turn, improves engine performance. Even in the lower rpm ranges, the system emits a characteristic, sporting sonorous note.

Suspension: Approved personally by Manfred Wollgarten, The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit meets these requirements through its combination of optimum lowering in conjunction with adapted residual spring travel, with the simultaneous balancing of spring rates. The authenticity certificate of the original AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit guarantees a high standard of safety and highest quality.

Wheels: A wide choice of the wheels designs in 18 – 22 inch are available with AC Schnitzer for BMW. Type VIII forged alloys in BiColor, Type VIII racing forged alloys, Type VIII rims in BiColor black, silver or anthracite, Type IV rims in silver or BiColor black, or Type V forged alloys in BiColor black or anthracite.

Aerodynamics: AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components (in this case Front spoiler elements) pick up and highlight the design lines of the base look vehicle and give it new and amazing contours. To generate effective ground cohesion they simultaneously increase downward force on the front and rear axles.


Good interiors raise the market value of the car, Schnitzer has thrown quite some goodies for BMW F-26 X4 in the interior like gear knob with digital gear display, illuminated leather gear knob and “Black Line” aluminium gear knob emphasise the sporting heritage of the vehicle in the interior, together with pedal set and footrest of aluminium, the AC Schnitzer keyholder, and the velours foot mats. Mind you, the whole shebang looks awesome.

AC Schnitzer is one of the world-renowned BMW and Mini tuners. Ac Schnitzer is the only company offering warranty acceptable to BMW Germany and as such their upgrades do not detract from standard BMW Manufacturers Warranty. AC Schnitzer upgrade components can be sourced for the following BMW F-26 X4 Series models:

  • BMW F- 26 X4 xDrive20i

  • BMW F- 26 X4 xDrive28i

  • BMW F- 26 X4 xDrive 35i

  • BMW F- 26 X4 M40i

  • BMW F- 26 X4 xDrive20d

  • BMW F- 26 X4 xDrive30d

  • BMW F- 26 X4 xDrive35d

Upgrades for the BMW X4 series vehicles are available for all X-Series cars.

RamSpeed as AC Schnitzer Exclusive importer for Australia offers unparalleled upgrade vehicle warranty and customer service for all of you BMW M performance, enhancement and styling upgrade requirements.

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