BMW M4 AC Schnitzer Tuning Program

AC Schnitzer have recently upgraded the power output of the BMW M4 demonstrating that there is no upper limit to power in their hands.

The performance upgrade increases the power of the M4 from 431 Hp to 510 Hp and there is a sports catalyst in preparation that will reduce thermal loan on the turbocharger and exhaust manifold.

Part of the energy and power is due to the exhaust system developed by AC Schnitzer. The twin silencers with or without sound pipe with the Racing Evo Carbon tailpipe trims or with Sport trims creates the amazing sound that will meet any enthusiast’s dream.

But the tuning is not only heard, it is also felt in the suspension spring kit. The kit lowers approx 25-30mm at the front and 10-15mm at the rear. With the racing suspension that is adjustable in compression and rebound, the lowering can go as low as 30-40mm at the front and 30mm at the rear.

Body kit components include carbon fibre front spoiler elements, carbon rear diffuser, carbon mirror covers, rear roof spoiler, carbon rear wing and a rear skirt protective film. The stylish components offered by AC Schnitzer also extend to the interior with the gear knobs, aluminium pedal sets and floor mats. To complete the stylish package are AC Schnitzer Type VIII or Type V forged alloy wheels in bicolour black, silver or anthracite.

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