Range Rover Sport Tuning Program by AC Schnitzer

At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, AC Schnitzer premiered a Range Rover Sport 3.0L SD V6 Diesel which had a number of their technical and aesthetic tuning products.

Pushing the boundaries of the Range Rover Sport was achieved with more diesel power resulting in increased acceleration and torque. From 215 Kw / 292 Hp / 600 Nm the power was increased to 250 Kw / 340 Hp and 720 Nm.

For those worried about the environment, the increased engine power retains the fuel consumption and CO2 emmisions due to the efficiency. The efficiency actually improves the CO2 per HP and saves fuel.

With the stunning stainless steel twin silencer, the exhaust gas flow of the vehicle is improved and has an optional two or four Sports tailpipes.

Drivability has been upgraded too as a result of the AC Schnitzer lowering module which lowers the Range Rover by 30 or 35mm. One of the men responsible for the suspension stated that the 20kg less unsprung mass feels like 100kg which results in an instant difference in handling.

This Range Rover is driving on Type VIII forged racing wheels in 22″ or 23″ though there is an alternative with the 22″ Type V wheels.

The sporty appearance of the Range Rover is the result of the aerodynamic components such as the front and rear skirt with integral diffuser. These components are simple to fit as they replace the standard ones.

As usual AC Schnitzer doesn’t leave the interior untouched which features some of their keyholders and floor mats.


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