AC Schnitzer AC1 Wheels

At the Geneva Motor Show, AC Schnitzer is premiering their new AC1 wheels. Along with the new design, the name reflects the new generation of wheels by AC Schnitzer.

The twin spoke design gives off a sporty look that pays homage to the previous generation of wheels. Sophistication can be seen the in the design, that has triangular tips that increase in size towards the centre which features the unique pentagonal centre cap.

The various styling components makes the AC1 wheel look clean with solidity and size to back it up. With the BiColour finish, an alternating effect is seen when in motion no matter which size and car.

AC1 alloy wheels in 18″, 19″, 20″ and 22″ are weight optimised cast alloy wheels with a 5 spoke design in BiColour anthracite or matt anthracite.

AC1 forged racing alloy wheels in 21″, 22″ and 23″ are 3 piece wheels with bolting visible. Due to the construction, a high load bearing is achieved. The wheels are weight optimised and reduce unsprung mass which results in improved driving dynamics.

AC1 forged one piece alloys in 20″ have a weight reduction of about 30% due to the forging technique used. Driving dynamics are improved and the unsprung mass reduced.


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