BMW Z4 AC Schnitzer Concept Car ACZ4

AC Schnitzer have taken the BMW Z4 sDrive 23i E89 as the base for their newest concept vehicle, the ACZ4 5.0d. The M50d engine is taken from the BMW F10/F11 and upgraded to output 316 kW / 430 HP with a max torque of 840 Nm. This is a big difference from the original M50d of 280 kW / 381 Hp and 740 Nm.

The standard rear differential has been replaced with the rear axle gear and limited slip differential from the BMW M3 E92 and the manual gearbox with an 8 speed auto including pedal sports shifts.

It only takes 4.5 seconds for this vehicle to reach 0-100km/hr and with a top speed of over 300km/hr this vehicle has been able to achieve 1:37.22 min on the Auto Bild Sportscars test. This has given it the title of the fastest diesel on the Sachsenring.

If you think the extra engine power is all that is needed to achieve this, then it would be a mistake as there are other upgrades AC Schnitzer needed to complete. A lightweight construction also contributes to the performance which can be seen in the electrohydraulic metal folding roof and boot lid that has been replaced by CFC constructions, both of which remove 90kg extra.

Other examples of weight savings is seen in the lightweight silencer and forged Type VIII wheels which saves 19 and 25kg respectively. Despite the heavier engine, the total weight of the vehicle reaches only 1469kg.

The ACZ4 5.0d suspension has been optimised with the racing suspension. This system offers fully adjustable compression and rebound and lowers the Z4 framework. Together with the aerodynamic upgrades a reduction of drag is achieved and really defines the look of the ACZ4. The components consist of a carbon front spoiler, carbon sports fenders, bonnet vents, two piece rear spoiler and a carbon rear skirt insert.

The interior trim has orange elements which further defines the uniqueness of the vehicle. Racing bucket seats in carbon fibre give a strong lateral support and features the embroidered ACZ4 5.0d logo. To finish off the interior are some aluminium pedals and velours floor mats. While the concept vehicle itself is not for sale, the components used are all available.

BMW Z4-AC-Schnitzer-ACZ4-5.0d-Data-Sheet

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