BMW i8 AC Schnitzer Tuning Upgrades

AC Schnitzer is making the BMW i8 even better, taking a revolutionary car and enhancing the performance and design. The lowering options leave the i8 closer to the floor than standard with a lowered front of 25mm and 20mm at the rear.

BMW-i8-AC-Schnitzer-Front-Spoiler-1 BMW-i8-AC-Schnitzer-Front-Spoiler-2 BMW-i8-AC-Schnitzer-Front-Spoiler-3 BMW-i8-AC-Schnitzer-Front-Spoiler-4 BMW-i8-AC-Schnitzer-Front-Spoiler-5The carbon front spoiler, side skirts and rear wing give the car a sporty look and allow improved driving pleasure on acceleration. AC1 21″ forged wheels have also been fitted to the vehicle to further enhance the sporty look with the hybrid car. Available in any colour the BiColour wheels suit the car perfectly being lightweight.

BMW-i8-AC-Schnitzer-Suspension-6 BMW-i8-AC-Schnitzer-Rear-Spoiler-7 BMW-i8-AC-Schnitzer-Wheels-9The AC1 wheel was designed by reinterpreting their classic double spoke designs forming a triangle tip facing towards the rim ending with the classic 5 sided centre cap.


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