Audi R8 V8 Manual – Upgraded Exhaust & ECU Tune

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In consultation with the owner, this amazing Audi R8 V8 (Carbon Edition) in a 6 speed manual format was blessed with a much improved Racing Exhaust system. Out went the very blend sounding (and heavy) original Audi exhaust and in with the stainless steel and finely tuned Italian job from SuperSprint.


The fitment of this particular model is A1. We have fitted many R8’s with the Racing version of the SS exhaust and customers always leave with a Big smile and a very favourable comments on the exhaust sound, depth and increased response rate on both the V8 and V10 models. We have also dressed up the automatic rear spoiler with suade wrap t match other factory accents.


When coupled with custom ECU tune and Carbon intakes, the V8 version of the R8 is capable of delivering over 350 Kw (from standard power of 309 Kw) and improve the engine bottom end response and top end power delivery. A KraftWerk ECU tune alone, used on this vehicle, delivered 18Kw gain as a stand alone, without the exhaust and added bonus of the cold air intake.


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