Mansory Porsche Cayenne 957 Customization Program RamSpeed

Mansory recently pitched in a customization program for the Porsche Cayenne 957 which includes solid changes in aerodynamics, interior upgradations, wheels and engine performance. Not that the SUV already had a uber cool design and is one of the best in its class, Mansory upgraded its ‘oomph’ factor to the next level. Here are the exact specs of what they did:

Aerodynamics:  The new front apron installed looks great paired with large air intakes. Also, the wings are broadened and new side skirts are installed widening the serial auto body by 40mm which looks great. The apron at the rear has an integrated diffuser having room for tailpipes for the exhaust system.

Interior: The foot pedals are made up of aluminum and the dashboard and interior are made of carbon fiber stating out loud a sports car feel. Handcrafted seats and decorative stitches on the instrument panel are to die for.

Performance: With the sports springs installed by Mansory, the Cayenne is able to follow up completely with every sort of road. The engine improvement done with a high-performance manifold paired with two silencers cause an exhilarating sonorous sound.

Wheels: Developed especially for the Cayenne, the 5 spoke monoblock wheel/rims comes in two dimensions 10×22 inches or 11×23 inches. With the new wheels, the chassis center of gravity can be lowered by 45mm with the Mansory sports module. The excellent braking system installed with braking disks of the size 420 x 40 mm (at the front) and 375 x 30 mm (at the back) produce great deceleration values for such a powerful SUV making up for better handling and security.

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Mansory is an aftermarket tuning company specializing in the modification of high-end British automobiles and super cars. Mansory is known for providing extensive modifications on vehicles such as the Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Aston Martin Vanquish.

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