Jaguar F-Type 5.0 V8 upgrade from Piecha Design


From the legendary Jaguar E-Type of the 1970’s, Jaguar has released a new and spectacular Jaguar F-Type Roadster (Since 2013). The passion and flair of the F-Type have inspired PIECHA Design of Rottweil Germany, to put their own design stamp of it. The sporting image of the British Roadster is enhanced by the aerodynamic styling components and alloy wheels.


The Front Cup Wings are aerodynamically sculpted which clean up the air around the front nose reducing lift, and the side sill Wings are integrated into the lower flanks of the F-Types. With the added impression of the width, this also emphasized the sleek form.


Because of the lack of visual definition, Piecha replaced the standard black rear underbody diffuser with a wider design of 40 cm, which incorporate a pair of stabilizing fins to smooth the underbody airflow separation and reduce drag.


The coloured contoured body of the under tray and stainless steel grille inserts, break up the visual area of the diffuser, as well as frame the four exhaust tail pipes. With Piecha’s larger 90mm trim pipe attachment for the original tail pipes, deliver a premium look.


To minimise lift and drag, Piecha has created a rear spoiler lip that sits on the tail edge, so it seamlessly fits the lines of the car to provide the look of factory design.


To match the strength of the aerodynamic additions, the 9.5×20 and 11.0×20-inch PIECHA MP1 monoblock alloy wheels in conjunction with the standard tyres, offset differently to slightly increase the cars track which increased the fill of the wheels arches. With shorter springs of about 30 mm, provides the car with a more lower and purposeful stance.


For not only performance and visual appeal, the Piecha F-Type Roadster provide comfort and convenience which are delivered by the Comfort-Varioroof- Module. With various features, this module includes the One Touch roof operation and automatic window closing following convertible top operation with just three clicks of the standard key fob from a distance.


A complete programme of the Piecha Design Jaguar F-Type is available from RamSpeed. And all 3.0-litre V6 and 5.0-litre V8 Roadster and Coupe variants are also available.

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