Lamborghini Huracan NOVITEC TORADO Upgrade

Lamborghini-Huracan-NOVITEC-TORADO-Black Wheels-Carbon-Fiber-Front-spoiler-Side-flaps-RamSpeed-
Tailor-made custom options for the Huracan are now available from NOVITEC TORADO as it further expands its exclusive program for Lamborghinis. NOVITEC TORADO offers enhanced components which are aerodynamic and optimized in the wind tunnel. Also on offer are high tech forged wheels with suspension modifications that match, as well as high performance exhaust systems and for the interior exclusive options are available.

To add an extreme emphasis to the wedge-shaped design of the Lamborghini Huracan, the designers at NOVITEC TORADO have developed a spectacular and efficient aerodynamic enhancement kit. This eye catching new bodywork conversion kit improves the handling stability at high speeds of this mid-engine sports car. The precise-fit NOVITEC TORADO aerodynamic enhancement components can be painted in various colours or alternately all components can be ordered with a clear-coated carbon fiber finish.

Lamborghini-Huracan-NOVITEC-TORADO-Black Wheels-Carbon-Fiber-Front-spoiler-bodywork-conversion--RamSpeed-
NOVITEC TORADO has created a few stylish modifications which further sharpen the profile of the Huracan’s front: the bumper is upgraded with a front spoiler, as well as a central blade and side flaps.  A unique trunk lid has been developed with an integrated air duct. The wind tunnel tests have demonstrated that the new aerodynamic enhancement components reduce the lift on the front axle, thereby improving the handling stability at high speeds

NOVITEC TORADO rocker panels, carbon-fiber mirror covers and new side air intakes on the rear windows that also optimize the air supply to the engine bay elevate the side view of the ten-cylinder rocket to a new exhilarating level.
The rear of the Huracan also has some performance revisions, with the combination of NOVITEC TORADO rear air foil and diffuser generates maximum down force on the rear axle, as well as provide that racing look. For the owners of the two-seat sports car that prefer a more subtle look can alternatively choose the NOVITEC TORADO rear spoiler lip. The carbon fiber rear surround for the taillights fits both these options.

Lamborghini-Huracan-NOVITEC-TORADO-Black Wheels-Carbon-Fiber-sports-springs-lowerings-rear-spoiler-flip-Side-flaps-RamSpeed-

An optimal symbiosis of good looks and efficiency is also available for the hood: two hood scoops shuffle more air to the engine and create an even more exciting appearance.

A customized carbon fiber cover creates an out-and-out racing atmosphere in the engine bay.

Using state of the art forging technology, NOVITEC TORADO have comprised high tech wheels which are styled for the Lamborghini; the three piece NL1 alloys feature five delicate double spokes. With the diameters of 20 and 21 inches with their staggered combination emphasis the wedge shape of this Italian sports car. Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tires of size 245/30 ZR 20 on 9Jx20 rims at the front and size 325/25 ZR 21 tires on 12.5Jx21 rims at the rear make optimal use of the available space under the wheel arches. The motor racing flair is brought out by the conversion of the wheel variant with its carbon coated outer flanges.


By NOVITECH TORADO specifically calibrating the tire/wheel combination to the sports springs, the two-seat sports car is lowered by about 35millimeters. Currently under development is a height adjustable coil over suspension for those Huracan drivers who prefer an even sportier setting.

Lamborghini-Huracan-NOVITEC-TORADO-Black Wheels-Carbon-Fiber-Exhaust-rear-spoiler-flip-Side-flaps-RamSpeed-

There is also virtuoso acoustic tuning for the Huracan V10 engine in the form of the NOVITEC TORADO sports exhaust systems, which is available with or without active sound management by means of a controlled butterfly valve which is optionally even at the push of a button in the cockpit. The high-performance exhaust systems are made from stainless steel or from the even lighter INCONEL, which is a material used in Formula 1 racing. Not only does the NOVITEC TORADO high-performance exhaust systems deliver an optimized power delivery, but it also offer weight savings over the production system.

Lamborghini-Huracan-NOVITEC-TORADO-Black interior-customise-leather-RamSpeed-
NOVITEC TORADO also fulfills individual customer requests when it comes to designing the interior due to its expanse of colours for customization. Every inch of the finest leather and Alcantara in any desired colour is finished with precision that is meticulous.

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