Mercedes Benz AMG GT Upgrades & Enhancements M178 Engine

While some of us are still in a long line for the upcoming Australian release and the gull wings doors are no longer part of the iconic design, the new Mercedes Benz AMG GT S is still set to evoke unique personalisation requirements.

Based on the previously released Mercedes SLS, the new GT has reduced the weight and got some extra room. There are two models. First is the GT S, with a new 503-hp 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine mated to a seven speed automatic ( 0-100 Km/h about 3.3). The second model, the milder GT with 456 hp, will be released later.

We are kicking off your personalisation options ahead of Australian release and offer the following options:

– Complete ECU remap for additional top end power and torque.

  • Stage 1



– Performance Tuned Exhaust System



– Wheels, Carbon enhancements and many other Aerodynamic upgrade options.

Please call us to discuss your specific requirement.

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