Audi Q7 ABT Sportsline Visual Packages

Right from the start, the Audi Q7 with its 4WD has conquered not only much terrain, but also a number of hearts. There are numerous technical features such as the virtual cockpit which has been achieved and accepted by Audi drivers. Now, ABT Sportsline has come up with a hardwire fitting package for the quite successful Q type from Ingolstadt. ”With our extension parts, we want to visually underline that the Q7 of the second generation is much lighter, more streamlined and sporty than its 10-year-old predecessor”, says CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt.


There are various options available from ABT for upgrade to suit the QS7, these enhancements include a new front skirt, door strip attachments, fender inserts and an attractive rear skirt set with a muffler system.Also available is an optional ABT rear wing, this lends the SUV the ambiance of a sports car.

The standard Q7 has been measured across and equals 2.5 x its length. If that is not enough of an extension, the next standard package available consists of a front skirt, door strip attachment and rear skirt set. The ABT Sportline also offers a wide-body kit, this conversion will make the SUV a real stand out from the rest.  There are also additions of the ABT rear and front fender extensions available. The rear skirt set includes a muffler system that can also be ordered separately from both the standard or wide-body kit.

ABT Sportsline of course also has the right alloy wheels available for the Audi Q7. For the launch of the Q7, a dynamic FR design is available in 10 x 22’’ with 305/30 R22 wheels. Body kits and ABT ECU Power Modules are available on request.

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