AC Schnitzer Gives The Growl To BMW X6 M F-86 Ramspeed

AC Schnitzer has been a pioneer when it comes to developing exhaust system for cars. They have some of our very favorite system’s to sell. Recently, they developed a new exhaust system for the already awesome BMW X6 M F-86 and some other tuning features which helped in creating an even more beastly look of the already dominating X6.

More about the looks further on the blog, let me first tell you more about the exhaust.

The exhaust note is never too horrendous with AC Schnitzer. It just gives it more than a Purrr.. and more of a roar which should have originally come from the factory itself. The gas dissipation is plain even and smooth which allows your car easy respiration and in turn resulting in smooth engine operations.

This new exhaust system from AC Schnitzer for BMW X5M/X6M is integrated with OEM exhaust valves. These valves have the capability to retract sound from loud to quiet. They have also released a version which is non-valved.

The AC Schnitzer sports rear silencers are built of extremely high-quality stainless steel. Their tips are ceramic coated quad black or silver. This tailpipe trim sporty design works as a wonderful visual enhancement for the vehicle.

The thunderous sound doesn’t mean that AC Schnitzer has fiddled away with the V8 Engine in any way but it does provide it with an extra thrust to an already powerful vehicle as it is power packed with 575hp eight-cylinder engine which accelerates the 2.3-tonne SUV from 0 to 100 km / h in just four seconds.

AC Schnitzer is one of the world-renowned BMW and Mini tuners. Ac Schnitzer is the only company offering warranty acceptable to BMW Germany and as such their upgrades do not detract from standard BMW Manufacturers Warranty. AC Schnitzer upgrade components can be sourced for the following BMW X6 M F-86 Series models:

BMW X6 M Series xDrive35i (N54)

BMW X6 M Series xDrive35i (N55)

BMW X6 M Series xDrive50i

BMW X6 M Series X6 M

BMW X6 M Series ActiveHybrid X6

BMW X6 M Series xDrive30d (M57)

BMW X6 M Series xDrive30d (N57)

BMW X6 M Series xDrive35d

BMW X6 M Series xDrive40d

BMW X6 M Series M50d

Upgrades for the BMW X6 series vehicles are available for all X6 series variants like X6 F16, X6 Falcon F16, F86, X6 E71, X6 E71 M.

RamSpeed as AC Schnitzer Exclusive importer for Australia offers unparalleled upgrade vehicle warranty and customer service for all of your BMW M performance, enhancement and styling upgrade requirements.

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