Lamborghini Huracan Body Kit from Novitec Torado N Largo

Lamborghini Huracan NOVITEC TORADO N-LARGO

An amazing new, full carbon wide body kit with custom forged wheels and a blown (supercharged) V10 engine is now rated at over 630 kW and 860 horse power.

This new hyper super sports car from Novitec N Largo is based on the 2016 model Lamborghini Huracan.


N-LARGO: Is a brand under which German tuning specialist NOVITEC TORADO presents an exceptionally exclusive super sports car. RamSpeed Managing Director, Mr Andrew Ochudzawa said “this special edition is limited to just 25 cars worldwide and unfortunately will not be offered for our Australian customers due to Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) restrictions”.

However, Mr. Ochudzawa said that the body kit may be offered later in the year for the sleek two seater with the ability for the owners to add to an already impressive looks with spectacular wide body made entirely from high quality carbon. The special package offered to few lucky overseas owners will also come with high strength and light forged wheels with a staggered configuration of 20 inch at front and 21 inch at rear combination. The unique forged wheels have been developed specifically for this vehicle.

A supercharged version of the 5.2-liter V10 engine is due to be released early 2016 and is currently under final development.


The NOVITEC TORADO N LARGO creation boosts the vehicle width to 204 com at the rear section, which equates to 12 cm increase over standard.

The company developed aggressive flares for the rear fenders which seamlessly bond to the original body lines.

The unique shape of the front bar lends the car a distinctly aggressive frontal appearance which perfectly transitions into the wider front fenders. In conjunction with the middle front splitter, which is optionally available with a plain carbon finish, the design was perfected in the wind tunnel reducing aerodynamic lift for increased functional handling improvement and stability. The new boot lid with integrated air ducts also plays important aerodynamic role in the NOVITEC TORADO body enhancements.


To round off the spectacular stance, sports suspension springs will lower the ride height by about 35 mm. Huracan drivers desiring even sportier damper settings will be able to opt for a height adjustable coil over suspension from a well renowned German suspension manufacturer, also available from RamSpeed.

The NOVITEC TORADO N-LARGO can be ordered as a complete car or be built based on an existing Lamborghini Huracan Coupe by RamSpeed in Sydney, Australia.

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