Hamann Finest Refinement Program For The Range Rover RamSpeed

With the success of the Range Rover all over the world, Hamann decided to give its own twist which is why they have released the finest refinement program for the Range Rover. From the lightweight body construction to a refrigerated storage compartment, nothing it seems has been omitted when it comes to upgradation of the Range Rover vehicle.  The tuning kit for the off-road king includes:

Aerodynamics: A striking front spoiler, which is a custom 3-piece part gives the vehicle a new visage. The spoiler lip is painted in vehicle color and fitted perfectly is a refreshing treat considering what was happening with the standard model’s radiator grille and which is connected to the lateral attachments with grilled air intakes. These support brake ventilation and the Range River looks more dynamic. Hamann has made some changes at the back as well by installing an elegant looking skirt.

Exhaust: And since we are talking about the skirt at the back, the exhaust that goes with it looks even more dynamic with Hamann’s four pipe exhaust system: the stainless-steel pipes ensure a worthy sound for the off-roader king. Sport rear mufflers can be installed underneath the rear skirt as well.

Wheels: Hamann is offering three-pieced 23-inch alloy wheels designed for taking on heavyweight and staging a visual appeal-de-extraordinaire with the cross-spoke design, black anodized rim stars, titanium bolts and a polished rim flange.

Interior: Interior is well-done as well with sports pedals, floor mats, and headrests. The car door projector LED lights are a welcome addition as well.

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