Mansory Lamborghini JS1 Edition Customization Program RamSpeed

Mansory really jacked up the Lamborghini JS1 edition with its new customization program for the same. The JS1 which is based on the Aventador 750-4 Superveloce which itself is a great car. The JS edition is actually made for the famous London art dealer and multi-billionaire James Stunt. He designed it and gave it his signature doing something which people only dream about.

Nobody but Mansory got the official contract to create a customized version of the Lamborghini.

The numbers alone will leave you bewildered when it comes to engine performance, power and torque. The standard 750 HP of the Italian super sports car has been upped by MANSORY to 830 horsepower. The maximum thrust rises from an imposing 690 to a prodigious 750 nm. And the savvy engine tuner can still add a twist to the top speed: 355 km/h. The J.S.1 Edition now catapults from a standing start to 100 km/h in an incredible 2.7 s. To get to 200 km/h takes just 8.4 s, and in the sprint from 0 to 300 the MANSORY Lambo shaves the half-eternity of six-tenths of a second off its Italian counterpart of the series: after only 23.4 s, the speedometer hits the magic three with two zeros.

With 20 plus Mansory remakes in his garage, James Stunt is not very easy to please yet Mansory has done a great job yet again with James itching for something more. It was not the power of the car that actually speaks for Mansory or for James but the impressive everything else that was included. This enormous power needed reigns and that is just what Mansory did, it gave the beast an aerodynamic front with optimized air intakes which provide for better ventilation for the engine and prevents it from overheating. A front lip provides for an additional downforce which brings the better road to vehicle grip ratio. The front hood and the front fenders have been replaced with supreme quality carbon parts. The side skirts look great and provide for better airflow through and through the vehicle helping in better braking.

A completely new exhaust system includes manifold, muffler and tailpipes provide a significant boost in torque, power, and acceleration.

All of the above make the JS1 truly one of its kind.

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