Brabus Mercedes S Class Coupe Enriched Enhancements From RamSpeed

If you are on the lookout for the best modified versions of Mercedes, then Brabus is your answer. It majorly deals in Mercedes and it offers engine power upgrades, lightweight wheels, aerodynamic components and more. The enhancement of Mercedes S Class Coupe Cabriolet is a wonderful example of Brabus’s awesome work.

Brabus Body Kit: The Brabus front lip and rear diffuser paired with rear bumper and spoiler are the highlights of Mercedes Cabriolet. The presence of special equipment such as Brabus emblem for the bonnet, and logo for car sides and the front grille make up for a quite a show and make it look sportier while being completely in line with the car’s sophistication. It is not wrong to say that it is the right choice for those who are very particular about their Mercedes.

  • Front bumpers/front Spoiler includes BRABUS front lip for S63/65, visible carbon glossy, visible carbon matt
  • BRABUS front add-on parts for S63/65, visible carbon glossy
  • BRABUS front add-on parts
  • Rear diffusor includes subframe, BRABUS rear diffusor for S63/65, visible carbon glossy and for S63/65, visible carbon matt.
  • Rear bumper add-ons for S63 / 65 and vehicles with AMG-Line, visible carbon glossy and for S63/65 and vehicles with AMG Line Code 950, visible carbon matt.
  • Rear Spoiler in carbon glossy and visible carbon matt

Brabus Interior Enhancement: Having installed high-quality shift paddles, gearshift levers, and aluminum trim sets, the interior looks very posh and ultra-chic. The interior can further be upgraded by installing customized accessories such leather seats, leather steering wheel cover, and many other things.

  • BRABUS speedometer with increased scale of 400 km/h. Requires shipment of original Instrument Cluster to BRABUS.
  • BRABUS shift paddles
  • BRABUS shift paddles Race
  • BRABUS entrance panels
  • BRABUS door lock pins
  • BRABUS aluminum pedal pads
  • BRABUS Leather/Alcantara interior trim (2 front seats with headrests, executive seats incl. led wedge and footboard rear, sporty formed with more lateral support, color of leather/alcantara, stitching and edging upon request).
  • 2 EASY ADJUST comfort headrests in leather/alcantara etc.

Brabus Wheels and Suspension: These new Brabus wheels makes your car look athletic and classy in altogether. With a strong rim base the car looks great visually. Maintaining its typical standards, Brabus has given the perfect finish to the wheels. Brabus has provided many options for a keen enthusiast to consider.

  • Monoblock F cross spoke design, “Liquid Titanium” painted (8.5J x 20 H2 offset 30 for tyre size: 245/50 R 18, only for S500)
  • Monoblock S Double Spoke design silver polished (8.5J x 19 H2 offset 25 for tyre size: 255/45 R 19, 9.5J x 19 H2 offset 34 for tyre size: 285/40 R 19)
  • Monoblock Q double-spoke design anthracite “Titanium” polished (8.5J x 19 H2 offset 25 for tyre size: 255/45 R 19, 9.5J x 19 H2 offset 34 for tyre size: 285/40 R19) and many others.

Brabus Performance – PowerXtra: Power and comfort are the two basic ideas to make this premium car a perfect mate in any condition. This why the Brabus invented PowerXtra technology delivers optimally peaked engine performance on both petrol or diesel-powered engines. This makes the car superior in performance than its base version.

For Gasoline Engines

  • BRABUS B63S-760

Base MB S63 AMG (M157), +129 kW / 175 hp; + 200 Nm to 559 kW / 760 hp; 1.100 Nm; Vmax: 325 km/h / 202 mph consisting of BRABUS special custom turbocharger conversion with a larger compression unit, down pipe, metal catalysts, carbon fibre raw intake tubes, Gold Heat Reflection for intake and turbo pipes

  • BRABUS performance kit B 50-540

Base S 500 and S500 4-matic +62 kW / 85 hp ; + 120 Nm to 397 kW / 540 hp , 820 Nm consisting of BRABUS PowerXtra additional engine electronics, Vmax: 250 km/h / 155 mph Vmax: 250 km/h. among many others.

Increased-displacement engines

  • BRABUS break-in service includes 8- and 12-cylinder inclusive first engine service
  • BRABUS increased-displacement Rocket 900, Base S 65 Coupe (C 217) +199 kW / 270 hp; + 500 Nm to 662 kW / 900 hp; 1.500 Nm (electronically limited to 1.200 Nm incl. BRABUS sports catalysts and BRABUS valve-controlled sports exhaust.
  • BRABUS 850 6.0 Biturbo Base S63 Coupe (M 157) +195 kW / 265 hp, +550 Nm to 625 kW / 850 hp, 1.450 Nm (electronically limited to 1.150 Nm) incl. BRABUS sports catalysts and BRABUS valve controlled sports exhaust system

Brabus Exhaust: The highly efficient Brabus sports system provides for a rich sonorous sound in acoustics and also with a precise kick to the engine. The power enhancement figures are off the charts due to the following enhancements provided by Brabus to choose from:

  • BRABUS valve-controlled sports exhaust system

Base S500 Coup, for vehicle with AMG-Styling/AMG-Line (Code 772/950), only in combination with 217-425-00 complete System continued from catalysts, consisting of: 2x Connection pipes + 2x rear silencer (4 slanted tailpipes), incl. valve-controlled (loud/quiet) electronically adjustable per steering wheel buttons

  • BRABUS valve-controlled sports exhaust system

Base S63 Coupe consisting of: 2x connection pipes + 1x rear silencer left, 1x rear silencer right incl. 2 design end tailpipes, valve-controlled (loud/quiet) electronically adjustable per steering wheel button. Only in combination with BRABUS carbon rear diffusor 217-463-00 or 217-463-10.

Looking for accessories for your Mercedes? Look no further…!

Considering other options?, perhaps some of the Brabus components suit while you prefer to have an original Mercedes look in other areas of your car? – Not a problem, at RamSpeed we work with you to tailor make your perfect car.

For Mercedes S Class coupe, all variants, we have a number of options to suit your individual style and budget. We work with many reputable German auto manufacturers which provide many interesting performance and body enhancement option like a well renowned Mercedes tuner Carlsson, Engine performance from KraftWerk and our many own exhaust system alternatives from RamSpeed Exhaust

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