AC Schnitzer SuperTuning Of BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86 Ramspeed

AC Schnitzer did some heavy super tuning to the likes of BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86 and bringing them to their peak performance level.

Engine: Engine performance got a boost to 309hp on the X6 30d, 360hp on the X6 40d and an amazing 525hp on the X6 50i.

for X6 30d with 190 kW/258 HP to 227 kW/309 HP

for X6 40d with 230 kW/313 HP to 265 kW/360 HP

for X6 35i with 225 kW/306 HP to 265 kW/360 HP

Exhaust: It has been recently announced that customers of BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86 are being provided with a range of AC Schnitzer exhaust silencer options with racing tailpipes.

Silencer with 2 “Racing” tail trims

– for BMW X6 3.5i (F16)

– for BMW X6 50i (F16)

-for BMW X6 30d (F16)

-for BMW X6 40d (F16)

-for BMW X6 M50d (F16)

There’s also a new diesel sound for the X6: The AC Schnitzer sound module set for diesel vehicles consists of a twin silencer with “Racing tailpipes” and a sound module which, via remote control, offers seven different exhaust notes (6 + standard) to allow diesel variants of the X6 to deliver a characteristic sound even at low revs.

Wheels: Wheels done are AC1 one-piece weight-optimised cast alloys which are built with the low-pressure casting method. They are available in BiColor or matt anthracite in 22 inch for the BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86. You have other options for the wheels as well such as three-piece AC1 Forged Racing Rim available in bicolor or black high gloss hand polished for the X6 Falcon. They give the Falcon the perfect sporty look.

Suspension: The AC Schnitzer Falcon widening kit gives the car a bulkier and more masculine feel. AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit which is thoroughly tested for a smoother ride experience for both front and rear axle provides lowering of around 30mm. The said suspension is for normal, track and driving courses use. This suspension brings the car’s cornering ability and the driving dynamic to a major positive overhaul.

Interior: All luxury and bold in appearance, the interiors are done brilliantly. C Schnitzer aluminum pedal set, footrest, keyholder and velours foot mats make it clear that the interior comfort level can still be stepped up.

AC Schnitzer is one of the world BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86-renowned BMW and Mini tuners. Ac Schnitzer is the only company offering warranty acceptable to BMW Germany and as such their upgrades do not detract from standard BMW Manufacturers Warranty. AC Schnitzer upgrade components can be sourced for the following BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86.

BMW X6 Falcon F16 Series X6 30d

BMW X6 Falcon F16 Series X6 40d

BMW X6 Falcon F16 Series X6 35i

BMW X6 Falcon F16 Series X6 50i

BMW X6 Falcon F16 Series X6 3.5i

BMW X6 Falcon F16 Series M50d

Upgrades for the BMW X6 Falcon F16 Series vehicles are available for X6 30d, X6 40d, X6 35i variant.

RamSpeed as AC Schnitzer Exclusive importer for Australia offers unparalleled upgrade vehicle warranty and customer service for all of you BMW M performance, enhancement and styling upgrade requirements.

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