Hamann Range Rover Evoque Triple Threat Tuning RamSpeed

The Range Rover Evoque, small luxury SUV has been modified by the legendary Hamann with a Triple Threat Tuning program in mind. This tuning program constitutes of body kit, suspension, and engine performance components. With the ever-growing personalization demands, Hamann has made sure it is considering the desires of its fan following which is why it has provided a strong look, exclusive wheel/tire combination, and absolute lavish interior.

Engine tuning and performance: Complimenting the looks, the power under the hood has been significantly upgraded thanks to Hamann optimizing the ignition map for all the Evoque engines. With chip tuning, Hamann has increased the power and performance from 150Hp to 181Hp. For the petrol variant, it goes from the standard 240Hp to 260Hp out of the four-cylinder engine and the torque increased to 395Nm from 340Nm standard.

Suspension: The progressive suspension constitutes of lowering kit with progressive suspension springs lowering the SUV by 30mm. This makes up for lowering of the center of gravity of the vehicle for extra driving dynamics and a sporty outlook.

Wheels: Hamann has equipped the Evoque with light alloy wheels of 22 inches fitted with high-performance tires paired with the appropriate speed rating. For example, with the “Anniversary Evo” line in silver, black or Hyper black.

Interior: The interior is all ramped up with sporty aluminum applications for the pedals and footrests which come in black or silver anodized. The floor mats are a welcome addition which is made up of pearl velour with Hamann logo in-between. The door lights look great as well.

Aerodynamics: The ultra-light carbon fiber body provides a smooth non-air-resistant appeal and adds to the engine performance.

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