Hamann Super Modification Program For The Range Rover Evoque Convertible Widebody RamSpeed

Offering a wide body muscular kit for the Range Rover Evoque Convertible Widebody, Hamann has recently introduced a Super modification program for the vehicle. The already good looking but ‘little monster’ of a vehicle was given a more muscular appeal under the same program.  The exotic car refiner has included premium accessories, unique wheels tire combination and other performance optimizations for the latest diesel engines.

Hamann with its ignition map optimization technology for the latest gen diesel engines goes in complete sync with the outer body look and appeal. The 2.0 litre TD4 engine is boosted from its standard 150HP to 181 HP at (110kW) and (135Kw) respectively. The large version of the same has been advanced from 180HP to 210HP (132 to 154kW).

The wide body kit installed portrays a concept which is second to none. The Evoque’s body structure looks grander and broader by 70mm in the front axle and 80mm on the rear axle. With this wide body conversion, the lightweight champion now becomes the heavyweight champion. More muscular appearance matches with the engine tuning done under the hood.

How is the muscular look achieved you ask? It is due to the wing extensions at the back and the front which creates room for more dynamic wheels/tires combination and paired with some good-looking side sills make up for a perfect line. The high precision fits display the craftsmanship of Hamann engineers.  The awesome looking new rear skirt is the real cherry-on- top paired with the look of the sports exhaust system of silver or black anodized steel tailpipes.

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