Range Rover Evoque AR 8 Enhancement by Arden RamSpeed

Arden, a German tuner of Range Rover, Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley and classic vehicles presents the latest styling enhancement for Range Rover Evoque AR 8.

Features of Upgraded Range Rover Evoque AR 8

The Range Rover Evoque marks a bold evolution of Range Rover design. What makes the two-door Evoque such a fresh vehicle is that it has adopted the new interpretations of classic Range Rover design cues and stayed true to the core Range Rover values.

The upgraded package called the AR8 City-Roader includes not only exterior enhancements but also performance modifications. The two-door version of the luxury SUV features a new aerodynamics kit with new front and rear aprons and illuminated side skirts. The illuminated sidebars fit perfectly into side light concept of the car and give your Evoque a dynamic appearance.

Under the hood, Arden has boosted output of the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine by 30 hp for a grand total of 270-horsepower. For the interior department, Arden has left personalization options open.  The German tuners can add a number of new features depending on customer preferences, with a wide variety of colors and trims being available.

The AR8 City-Roader package has Arden stainless steel mash grilles. These handmade grilles replace the original plastic parts and give the car a high-quality look.


Arden Range Rover Evoque AR 8 City-Roader

basic vehicle Range Rover Evoque 2,2l SD4

Technical Data

Engine size:                 2.179 cm

Unladen weight:         1.685 – 1.715 kg

Engine power:             225 hp

Maximum speed:        195 km/h (regulated)

0-100 km/h:                8,5 sec.

Transmission:             6-speed-automatic

Arden Features

Body:                  AR 8 City-Roader complete wide body kit

Suspension:      Arden sport springs

Exhaust:             Arden high-performance exhaust system

Brakes:               Arden high-performance Brake system

Wheel Rims:      Arden 21 inch Sportline forged wheels

Engine:               Power increase up to 225 hp possible (Series 190 hp)

Fuel consumption for Basic Wheel Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged

In the city:           21,8

Over land:           10,7

Combined:          14,9

CO2-emissions: 348

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