2016 Porsche Club NSW Concours d’ Elegance

This was our first time entry at the 2016 Porsche Club NSW Concours d’ Elegance and while the weather was reminiscent of a concourse held somewhere in London, the fact that almost 200 cars rolled in was a pleasant surprise. With the Concourse judging starting at 10am and the winners announced just after 2pm, there was no shortage of disappointed faces with a handful of hopefuls eagerly awaiting final winner announcements.
Our 1996 Porsche 993 4S owned by Andrew Ochudzawa was the only 993 4S on display. With duco, interior and mechanicals in perfect order, tough judges noted absence of an original jack bag, a dusty engine fan (on the inside) as well as a slightly worn brake and clutch pedal rubbers among other, very fine details.


But, such is the level of competition, that only the best of the best cars can win this prestigious and highly contested competition. Unfortunately the other RamSpeed prepared car, the Porsche 964 Carrera 2 was unable to attend due to the weather, but the 993 4S was a very worthy contender in a high quality line up.

Final winner took 3 prizes, and no surprise, the early Porsche 356 was in stunning condition with Porsche authenticity certification and many rare options fitted to an amazingly prepared car. To win the 2016 Porsche Club NSW Concours d’ Elegance one would have certainly had to have spent a LOT of hours going over each and every nut, bolt and washer and our hats off to the worthy winner with the attention to detail only few can afford.

Below just a few pictures taken earlier today. The line-up had just about every Porsche model imaginable, with few surprises, including this early Porsche Diesel Tractor as seen on few recent events.

Till next year, thank you for your support and great to see a number of familiar faces and customers proudly displaying their special cars.

2016-porsche-club-nsw-concours-delegance-997-gt3-wheel-ramspeed 2016-porsche-club-nsw-concours-delegance-911-sc-ramspeed 2016-porsche-club-nsw-concours-delegance-911-ramspeed

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