AC Schnitzer vehicles not only give you smooth driving experience on public roads but are also well-equipped for a trip to the race track. With a lap time of 1:32.9 minutes, the AC Schnitzer ACS2 Sport has secured the title “Fastest BMW M2 on the Sachsenring”. The tuning experts at AC Schnitzer have given the BMW M2 an energy boost, delivering 309 kW/420 HP and increasing the maximum torque to 580 Nm. The performance upgrade for the BMW M2 comes with a two-year warranty.

The AC Schnitzer RS coilover suspension – adjustable in ride height, compression and rebound – is perfectly matched to the wheel and tire combination. The AC Schnitzer ACS2 comes with forged alloys in 20-inch. TÜV-approved, M2 by AC Schnitzer is completed with carbon aerodynamic components and is packed with all special accessories which complement each other.

AC Schnitzer GP 3.10 GAS POWERED

2005       318.10 km/h fastest LPG-powered car: world record!

335d Coupé by AC Schnitzer

2008       288.7 km/h fastest diesel car: world record!

AC Schnitzer 99d

2011       1:42.4 min. fastest diesel and fastest Z4 on the Sachsenring

AC Schnitzer RAPTOR

2012       1:10.87 min. fastest road-legal MINI on the Hockenheim Short Circuit

M4 by AC Schnitzer

2015       1:09.20 min. fastest road legal BMW on the Hockenheim Short Circuit

AC Schnitzer ACS1 5.0d

2016      1:13.80 min. fastest Diesel car on the Hockenheim Short Circuit

M2 by AC Schnitzer

2016      1:32,90 min. fastest M2 on the Sachsenring